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another percabeth for you guys. i’m kinda proud of this one hehe ^3^

Heeeeellooo there cupcakes ^.^

Piper and her cute outfits! Art by monkeyscandance


Remember in the mark of Athena were they had to fight in their pjs.ah the good times


Hazel and Frank! <3

and a poor excuse for rain.. I know it changes the angle and all, but I’ve never made gifs, so I didn’t actually know what to do O.O

but it was fun! feel like a wizard :D

they’re older here


And this is why this doesn’t happen to Thalia ^^ 

I wanted to draw this as soon as I saw Minuiko’s post, I hope this is fine ;p 

Charlie … See Charlie.


the only place on earth that is safe for our kind.


I have no memory of this girl.

i swear it was supposed to be happy jiper but then Jason’s face turned out a bit awkward and i decided to leave him this way


Annabeth owns a polaroid camera, and sometimes Percy uses that to his advantage. By advantage, he takes a ton of pictures of him and Annabeth, strange things that Jason does, Piper when her cabin does a makeover, and Leo at the armory with a singed shirt. When the Romans come and visit, it’s a whole other story.

art: burdge
colour: percyyoulittleshit
edit: holyaphrodite

- I never called him brother… all he ever wanted was a brother but… I was too wrapped up in myself. And now Luke has the fleece… because I gave it to him. I destroy Olympus… Just like the Oracle said.